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Take the Hassle Out of Email

  • Do you waste valuable time each day getting rid of spam?
  • Would you like to receive your emails on your mobile phone?
  • Does your business require a reliable, long-term archive of all email?
  • Are you worried you might accidentally send a virus to one of your customers?

Email is now the core communication tool for the majority of businesses and on the surface it seems as simple as pressing Send and Receive.  In reality there are a multitude of different technologies, systems and providers involved in getting your email from one place to another.  That’s why it’s so time consuming to sort out problems when they arise.

We'll Maintain Your Email Systems to Ensure Your Email is Always Reaching Your Customers and that Your Customers Can Always Get In Touch With You

We will continually monitor your email systems to ensure they’re fully functional.  Our advanced monitoring solution actively sends email to your servers and ensures it gets a reply.  If, at any time, it doesn’t get a response, we immediately get an alert.  We can then resolve the problem, often before you even realise there is an issue.

All of the Email Support You Need for a Single Monthly Subscription

At Sirona we can provide and manage any or all of the following solutions:

  • Manage Microsoft Exchange on your server, or provide a hosted email service
  • Ensure you can continue to use email even in a disaster scenario
  • Ensure you are protected from email viruses
  • Reduce the amount of spam your receive to a trickle
  • Allow access to your email from any PC on the planet
  • Allow you to send and receive email from your mobile phone
  • Provide a long term archive of email for statutory compliance

Peace of Mind Advice

To discuss your requirements without cost or obligation please call Alex Rimmer on 0161 850 1000.

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