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Take the Hassle out of Moving Office and Let Sirona Manage it for You

Last month hundreds of growing businesses moved office or opened another new office here in the UK.

As few as 5 out of every 100 of these office moves go smoothly, with all their email and telephone services operational when they move in.   These successful movers were able to continue growing their business and generating cash without interruption.

The majority however lost sleep, money and business with entirely avoidable technology problems.

What made the difference?

The companies that moved successfully answered a few simple questions and then applied the answers to their planning process.

At Sirona we help growing businesses successfully move office almost every month.  We help our clients to make the right technology decisions and to put together an effective plan for the move.  If you would like Sirona to manage your office move, you will benefit from the following:

  • Zero downtime for email
  • Backup broadband to cover delays in new provision
  • Coordination of new phone lines to ensure they they’re when you need them
  • Detailed project plan showing each step of the process
  • Ensuring a sufficient computer backup system is in place prior to the move
  • Qualification of the network at the new location

Peace of Mind Advice

To discuss your office move without cost or obligation please call Alex Rimmer on 0161 850 1000.

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